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A Heartwarming Rescue: Saving a Paralyzed Canine

Yesterday night, we received an urgent call about a paralyzed canine in desperate need of help. The poor dog had sought shelter inside a house approximately 80 kilometers from our location. Tragically, instead of offering assistance, the residents cruelly threw water on her, forcing her back out into the freezing streets.

Early this morning, we contacted the reporter to check on the canine. They found her lying motionless on the street, on the brink of collapse. We immediately guided them through basic first aid procedures while arranging for a rescue vehicle.

Thanks to the quick administration of basic first aid, the canine regained consciousness and managed to drink some water. Our rescue vehicle arrived promptly, and we carefully transported the dog to our shelter hospital, TMT, in Tirupur.

Upon arrival, our dedicated veterinary team examined the canine and determined she needed ongoing treatment and care. We began her treatment immediately, providing necessary medicines, injections, and drips to stabilize her condition. She is now under close observation and receiving the best care possible.

Please join us in praying for the canine's speedy recovery so she can enjoy a happy and healthy life ahead Together, We can make a difference

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