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Badly Wounded Street Dog Rescued, Finds the Shelter 300 Kilometers Away

Whether we like it or not, the fact is we negatively affect the environment around us. Our regular activities such as driving, affect the animals around us negatively. We know this fact, but we choose to pass it because many of us think such animals are not equal to us.

The dog you see above was rescued by us from Ramnad. He was badly injured because of someone’s rash driving. His hip was badly damaged, and it seriously limited his mobility. She couldn’t move an inch for days.

Thankfully, some volunteers came across him and decided to find a way to take care of him. We transported her from Ramnad district to Thangam Memorial Trust in Tiruppur with the help of some kind strangers who sponsored her transportation. The badly wounded dog who couldn’t move is now carefully treated and taken care of by the qualified veterinarians in our rescue shelter.

As friends of animals, we function to take care of animals of all kinds. We rescue old and wounded animals, and give them a comfortable place to rest and recover! We also would like to request people to pay more attention to the animals around and offer help if something is wrong with them. Let us be more considerate towards our animal friends.

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