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Celebrate your special day at the Animal Welfare Centre by helping homeless animals!

If you feel like celebrating it with a gift to charity, then why not share that love with animals in need?

Special occasions are always worth celebrating, but for the animals at the shelter, it's all about just being happy. So Why not celebrate them with your favorite animals?

A shelter is a place of refuge, where animals are protected from the cruelty of humans. Animals are often abused and neglected by humans, so they need our help to survive. Celebrate your special day by contributing and sharing it with strays who need support. As an animal lover, it will be a perfect way for you to spend time with them and share special moments. You can uniquely plan your special day by adopting a dog or cat who need a home. You can also find a new best friend for yourself or your family, or just spend some time snuggling with some kittens. Way to Celebrate your special day with Friends of Animals: Our Friends of Animals Tirupur Shelter currently cares for over 1000 pets, many of which are in need of medical attention and special diets. Some of our animals have been abandoned or lost their homes due to circumstances beyond their control. Others were born with disabilities and unable to find homes where they would be cared for properly. So celebrate your special day with Friends of Animals as we aim to make a difference in the lives of homeless animals. Friends of Animals is located in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu. It is open from Monday to Saturday from 7 AM to 8 PM. For more information on how you can contribute to our cause and make your special day even more memorable, please contact us at 099521 00999 or You can donate directly to our Friends of Animals via our website. We are always grateful for any donation, no matter how small.

You can make a difference in an animal's life by donating money to feed them. You will be sure to have a pawsitively memorable experience!

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