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Dogs Most Common Hate Things

Dogs are generally known for their loyalty and friendly nature. All over the world dogs are considered the most loved pets. But dogs also have their likes and dislikes, like humans. Here, Some certain things that dogs hate in this blog post, we will discuss the most common things that dogs hate.

Bath Time:

Dogs hate being drenched in water. Although it’s necessary to give your dog a bath, many dogs can't stand it. If your dogs hate baths, try to make them more comfortable by using a dog-friendly shampoo and giving them a treat afterwards.

Loud Noises:

Dogs have sensitive ears and they have sensitive hearing capability, which makes them inclined to get scared by loud noise. Fireworks, Thunderstorms and other loud noises can be terrifying for dogs. They become anxious and restless, also hide under the bed and



Some dogs are friendly to everyone, But some dogs may not be friendly to everyone. They become aggressive around strangers. Try to socialize them in a controlled environment and consult with a professional trainer, it’s helpful to avoid aggressiveness towards strangers.

Being Left Alone:

Dogs are socially close to their owners. If the pet owner is left alone for a long period can make they feel anxious and stressed. Anxiety is a common issue among dogs, and it can lead to destructive behavior, excessive barking, and other behavioral problems.

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