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Drive Carefully They too Have Family – Animal Rescue Story

While most accidents are caused by other road users, animals can also pose a danger. The statistics are alarming. Animal road hits have resulted in several human deaths and animal deaths every year. In fact, some animals have died because people have failed to exercise caution and care for both them and other life forms on the road. That said, we as responsible citizens should pledge to save lives to drive carefully in order to avoid hitting animals. Our FOA rescuers received a call of the dog that met an accident in highway. Our team immediately went and at that point of time, the dog was lying on the street without any help. Even his owner did not come forward to rescue him. The dog was very friendly, and our team had no difficulty in bringing him for treatment to our animal shelter. Our vet examined the dog and told that hip was fractured that the dog needs regular treatment and care. Now the dog is at our shelter for further observation & treatment.

Every animal deserves a second chance, whether it be to recover from injury or illness, or perhaps to be saved after being found as a stray. It will bring great joy to us all in knowing that another life has been given back to the wild.

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