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Heartwarming Canine Rescue: From Street Pain to Shelter Care

we received an urgent call about a canine in desperate need of help. This poor pup had been lying on the streets for a week, writhing in pain and covered with flies. The sight was heart-wrenching.

Without a moment's hesitation, we rushed to the location. The scene was as distressing as described—the canine was in severe pain and in dire need of medical attention. We immediately rescued the pup and transported him to our shelter hospital, TMT, in Tirupur.

Upon arrival, our dedicated veterinarian examined the canine and delivered the somber news: the pup's leg was broken and badly infected, necessitating amputation surgery. However, the canine wasn't fit for surgery just yet. Our immediate priority became providing supportive treatment to stabilize his condition.

We swiftly initiated his treatment, administering the necessary medicines and injections. The canine was then placed in a safe and comfortable environment for further observation and ongoing care.

This brave pup's journey to recovery has only just begun, and we are committed to doing everything in our power to ensure he heals and finds a forever home filled with love and happiness. We ask for your thoughts and prayers for this resilient canine as he embarks on his path to recovery. With your support, we are hopeful that he will soon enjoy a happy, healthy life.

Stay tuned for updates on his progress and the many other rescues we are involved in. Together, we can make a difference, one rescue at a time Together, We can make a difference

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