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The horse was terribly hurt and left abandoned, but our rescue team was able to save him!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

In a recent rescue operation, the Friends of Animals team from Murugan Chettiar Shanmugam Trust rescued a seriously wounded and abandoned horse from Coimbatore. We got a call from an animal lover from Coimbatore that a horse had been terribly hurt and left abandoned on the streets. They discovered that he was suffering from leg injuries and was not able to walk properly.

Immediately we rushed to the spot and found that horse was very badly injured and he was bleeding heavily. After realizing his condition, with the help of locals and a crane we brought him to our shelter (Murugan Chettiar Shanmugam Trust) for treatment and rehabilitation. With the support of our qualified veterinarians, we are trying to get him back on his feet and make him walk again.

If you are an animal lover and are passionate to help these voiceless creatures suffering undue torments please reach out to our animal helpline. Lets us together make life a little better for these four legged strays and abandoned pets.

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