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Late night Rescue of an injured Dog from the gutter

It was very late in the night, our TMT received a call about a dog who had been involved in an accident and was lying in a deep gutter for two days without any help. Without delay, we sprang into action and rushed to the spot to rescue the poor animal.


The rescue operation was tough as the gutter was deep and narrow, making it challenging for us to reach the dog.

However, our team was determined and we put in a lot of effort to rescue the dog in a safe manner. We finally managed to free the dog from the gutter after striving for close to two hours.

The dog was in terrible condition, with injuries and a broken leg. He was brought to our shelter immediately, where our veterinarians began treating him. The dog has been tended to immediately and is on the road to recovery. Thanks to our dedicated team, despite the long and difficult road to recovery we are positive of our rescue.

It breaks our hearts to think of the many animals that suffer in the world without anyone to help them. Situations like these highlight the significance of TMT and other animal rescue groups. Regardless of the circumstances, our team is committed to rescuing and rehabilitating animals in need.

We hope that more people will support animal rescue organizations as a result of this story. We can give these innocent animals a second chance to live and make a difference in their lives together.

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