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Lifesaving Rescue: Saving an Elderly Dog from Narrow Drainage

Late last night, our team at TMT Shelter in Tirupur received a distressing call: an elderly dog, approximately 15 years old, had been stuck in a narrow drainage since the previous evening. Responding urgently to the plea for help, our team rushed to the scene.

Upon arrival, it was clear that the situation was grave. The dog, trapped in the confining space of the drainage, was in desperate need of assistance. Due to the drainage's narrowness and depth, our rescue operation was challenging. With careful maneuvering and the aid of a crossbar, we were eventually able to reach and safely retrieve the dog.

After rescuing him from the drainage, we immediately cleaned him and conducted an initial health assessment. It was apparent that the dog, given his advanced age, suffered from partial blindness and deafness—conditions that made survival on the streets nearly impossible for him.

Recognizing the urgency of his condition, we transported him to our shelter hospital at TMT, Tirupur. Our veterinarian examined him and confirmed that the dog was not only very aged but also extremely weak. Despite these challenges, the vet was optimistic that with regular treatment and thorough care, the dog's health could be stabilized.

Treatment began promptly, involving the necessary medications and injections. We placed him under close observation to monitor his recovery and ensure he received the best possible care.

This rescue operation underscores the critical need for community awareness and support for elderly and vulnerable animals. This dog's plight reminds us of the many animals in need of rescue, care, and compassion.

We ask for your thoughts and prayers for this dog as he recovers at our shelter. Your support can help ensure that he, and many like him, get a chance at a healthier and happier life. Together, we can provide these animals with the love and care they deserve. Together, We can make a difference

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