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Removing the Wooden Log from Puppies' Necks

Updated: Jun 24

At our TMT Tirupur center, we recently received a distressing call about three puppies suffering because their necks were tied with wooden logs. Concerned about their well-being, we immediately set out to rescue them.

The puppies' pet parents had tied the wooden logs around their necks to prevent them from chasing hens, goats, and vehicles. This action, intended to curb their behavior, was causing significant distress and potential harm to the puppies. Understanding the urgency, we arrived promptly to assess the situation.

Upon arrival, we found the puppies visibly uncomfortable and distressed. The wooden logs around their necks were not only cumbersome but also dangerous. We explained to the pet parents that this was not a suitable solution and that it could cause severe physical injuries and trauma to the puppies.

We took immediate action to remove the wooden logs from the puppies' necks. After ensuring their health was not compromised, we provided the pet parents with alternative methods to manage their puppies' behavior. We emphasized the importance of positive reinforcement and proper training techniques to address the issues effectively without causing harm.

In addition to advising the pet parents, we also engaged with the neighbors and the local panchayat president. We assured them that we would monitor the puppies regularly and offer assistance whenever needed. This collaborative approach aimed to foster a supportive environment for both the puppies and the community.

We urge everyone to understand that tying objects around animals' necks or using harmful methods to control their behavior is not the answer. Proper training, patience, and compassion are key to nurturing well-behaved and happy pets. We are always here to help and provide guidance to ensure the well-being of all animals in our community.

We are relieved that the puppies are now free from the wooden logs and in good health. We ask for your prayers and support for these puppies to have a happy and healthy life. Together, We can make a difference

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