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Rescue Mission: Helping a Stray Dogs with Severe Leg Swelling

We recently received a call about a stray dog that had severe leg swelling due to an unknown reason and it’s suffering in the street without any help. So we suddenly took action for the call. We went to the location immediately.

When we reached the location, we found the dog. It was sitting quietly and walking with a limp around the street. He also has some injuries. We provided food and water and We carefully examined the dog and found that its leg had a severe infection that was causing the swelling.

Our team brought the dog to our animal shelter, where veterinarians began treating him. They are given the treatment. After they completed the treatment, veterinarians said there was no fracture in the leg, it only got swelling. Getting regular treatment dogs will recover quickly. Our veterinarians give the medicine and injection regularly and keep it safe for further observation.

Please pray for the dog to get well soon and have a happy and healthy life forever. Every animal deserves to live happily and healthily. Together we come forward to save the animals and save the world's nature. Our TMT mission is going till animals get safe. Who is going to join us?

Move forward! Come forward! Hope you all get inspired by the story.

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