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Rescue the aged dog who got bitten by other dogs

It's a common sight to see street dogs fighting on the street. However, Some dogs are lucky to find a safe place to call home. They are left to fend for themselves in the harsh streets.

Recently, we received a call about an elderly dog who got bitten by other dogs, not eating anything and also suffering from a fever. Our team at TMT Animal Shelter without delay took action on the call. After we reached the location, we found the dog lying in the corner. The dog was in pain and looked so tired. We quickly transferred the dog to our animal shelter for the treatment.

We discovered the dog had a bite on its legs and suffered from a high fever. Our veterinarians provided the dog with the necessary medical care, including antibiotics, fluids and painkillers. We observed the dog for further treatment and kept a separate kennel for the dog.

Please everyone pray for the dog to get well soon and have a happy and healthy life forever!

We believe that every animal deserves love and we have to give space to every animal. Join us. Our mission is to provide space to all animals. We don’t give up until we reach our mission, we keep moving forward. We hope everyone comes forward to help the animals.

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