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Rescue the puppy affected by severe CD

The Most viral disease affecting animals is called Canine Distemper (CD). It can affect dogs and other animals such as wolves, raccoons and skunks. It is highly contagious to other animals and it can cause a range of symptoms, including fever, vomiting and neurological problems. It easily affects dogs or puppies with weak immune systems, Sometimes it can be fatal.

Recently, we received a call about a puppy who got affected by a severe CD and suffered in the street. We immediately went to the location. After reaching the location we found the puppy, it was really a heartbreaking thing. The puppy was severely affected by CD. He needs regular treatment and medical care.

We took the puppy to our animal shelter. The puppy’s body was continuously shivering. Our veterinarians started treatment for the dog through the needed medicines and injections. We kept the dog in the CD department and observed the dog's health regularly. Unfortunately, there is no completed cure treatment for CD and mainly the treatment was focused on providing the dog's health maintenance.

Please pray for the puppy! It’s really distressing when we see the puppy and pray for the puppy to get well soon and get back to a healthy life. This puppy is not the only one to be affected by CD, there are so many dogs in the world. Join our mission to give the healthy lives of every animal. We hope our works inspire you to come forward to help these helpless animals

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