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Rescued Paralyzed and Skin Infected Dog

Our organization got a call from a concerned citizen, located 80km away from us, about the two dogs. One of the dogs was suffering from a skin infection and the other one was paralyzed, both wandering the streets without any help.

Our team immediately went to the location and found the dogs. The paralyzed dog was unable to move and had been lying there for several days while the other dog had multiple skin infections.

Our team brought both dogs to our veterinary clinic, where they were given the necessary medical care and attention. The paralyzed dog was given physiotherapy to stimulate his muscle, the other dog was given antibiotics and topical creams to treat skin infections.

After regular intensive care, both dogs will be recovered. The paralyzed dog slowly regained some of his mobility, while the other dog's skin infection cleared up and he will no longer be in pain.

It was all worth it to see the dogs happy and healthy again. The main thing is how important it is to take care of all the animals in need, no matter how far away they are. We hope the story will inspire you, everyone, to take action when they see animal suffering and to contribute to animal welfare organizations.

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