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Rescued the aged dog suffering from skin infection and cancer

Rescuing animals is an important part of our work at the animal shelter. Recently, we received a call about a mature dog with a skin disease and a malignant growth on its leg. The canine was attempting to get up when we arrived and found him lying in the road. The canine had plainly been in a difficult situation for quite a while and required prompt clinical consideration.

Our veterinary team immediately examined and tested the dog for diagnostic purposes. The dog had a severe skin infection and cancer in its leg. Additionally, the dog was severely dehydrated and malnourished. We decided to bring the dog to our animal shelter where we could provide it with the necessary care.

Our veterinary team began treating the leg's skin infection and cancer after the dog received medication for pain and discomfort. We also fed and watered the dog appropriately, which improved its overall health.

We are determined to give this old dog the best care possible, despite the long and difficult road to recovery. Volunteers and veterinary professionals from our organization are working hard to improve the dog's quality of life and it is no longer in pain.

Additionally, we are actively seeking contributions to cover the dog's treatment costs - Donate. Every single piece counts and your commitment can have a massive effect on the existence of this canine. Make this world a better place for our furry friends by working together to assist those in need.

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