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Rescued the dog who met an accident and head got twisted

Our streets and roads unfortunately see a lot of dog accidents. Recently, we got a call from a concerned occupant about a canine disaster and was lying in the city with its head convoluted. When we arrived at the scene, the poor dog was in critical condition, so we immediately transported it to our animal shelter for treatment.

Due to a severe injury to the neck, the dog was unable to move or even raise its head. After conducting a thorough examination, our veterinarian discovered that the dog had suffered a spinal cord injury that had resulted in a twisted neck. The canine couldn't stand or walk in light of the extreme injury.

Our veterinary team immediately began the treatment, which included physiotherapy, regular checkups and medication. We also closely monitored the dog to ensure that it received the necessary care and assess its progress.

This incident highlights the significance of swift action in animal-related accidents and injuries. Speedy and powerful clinical consideration can have a significant effect on a creature's life, and it's our obligation as creature sweethearts and overseers to guarantee that they get the consideration they need.

Please pray for the dog to have a healthy life!

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