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Rescued the rabies-suspected baby suffering from the street

It was one another day. Our TMT received a call about a dog who was behaving unnaturally and suffering in the streets. We confirm the location and our rescue starts the rescue action.

We went to the location immediately and we searched for the dog in the streets. After finding the dog, we suspected the dog may have rabies and was a little aggressive so we tied the dog to the rope and we put a mask on the face of the dog

We brought the dog into our animal shelter, where we gave him medical care. Our veterinarian checked the dog. We made sure to keep the dog in a separate kennel for observation, as it is essential to determine if the animal is infected with rabies or CD. During that time, our team provided the dog with the necessary medical care and attention for its recovery

Please pray for the dog to get well soon! And have a healthy and happy forever. We are always committed to providing them with a safe and loving environment where they can recover and thrive. We are definitely making a difference in innocent creatures' lives.

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