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Stray dogs eating plastic and the Solution of reduce

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Stray dogs are eating plastic on the streets, which is a very bad thing for them. This is because plastics do not have the nutritional value that they need, and it can also cause them to suffer from various diseases.

A dog eating plastic is a common sight in many parts of the world. There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that dogs are attracted to the smell and taste of plastic bags and other food wrappers.

Dogs do this because they are hungry and have no other choice. They have no access to fresh food, so they resort to eating whatever they can find on the streets.

Some countries have tried different ways to stop stray dogs from eating plastics. One of them is to make sure there are always food available for them. This can be done by providing shelters for these animals or by providing food for them every day. If a dog has plenty of food available, it will not go looking for something else to eat when it feels hungry or if it is bored.

Another way people have tried is by placing bins full of treats around the city so that stray dogs can find something else to eat instead of plastic bags or wrappers.

Stop Stray Dogs Eating Plastic on Streets:

To stop stray dogs from eating plastic on streets, we need to make our streets clean and healthy. We should clean up all the garbage and waste materials from our streets so that stray dogs can not find any food in them. Also we should make sure that there is no plastic lying around in our streets because if there is any plastic lying around then stray dogs will surely eat it because they have a lot of hunger and they look for something that can fill their stomachs up with food. So if we want to stop stray dogs from eating plastics then we need to make sure that there is no waste lying around in our streets so that none of these animals get killed because of it.

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