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About Us

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Our Story

The dog that was brought to us was just barely breathing as it was met with an accident. The dog was bleeding like anything, bones protruding out of the skin and injured all over the body. Doctors and ward boys struggled a lot to save that innocent creature for 2 hours and finally, the operation went successfully. Adequate care, medication and food were provided. After a month, On seeing that dog recovered and played so well with other dogs, lick the caretakers. We cannot explain how that sight was.

This kind of love and compassion keeps us going. Like us, they have the right to lead a happy and struggling-free life. Unfortunately, many of them are being abused, hurt or abandoned. We are here as a voice for them. We strive maximum to impact more and more lives. Our journey would be more meaningful if many people joined their hands for this mission of saving our animal friends.

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Starting with the adoption of a few dogs, 16 years back, now impacting more than 18000 animal lives.

Our Mission

We strive to rescue the animals, give proper treatment, shelter, food and most importantly LOVE & CARE.

On a daily basis, we witness many numbers of animals/birds injured, diseased or abandoned.

We do activities like …

- Rescue injured animals/birds 

- Hospital and medical care

- Spay and Neuter

- Shelter and food

- Cruelty response

- Community building for animal lovers

Founding Team

Shri. S. Krishnakumar - Friends of Animals.jpg
Shri. S. Krishnakumar

Managing Director

Asha Krishnakumar - Friends of Animals.jpg
Asha Krishnakumar


Kaushik Murugan Krishnakumar - Friends of animals_edited.jpg
Kaushik Murugan Krishnakumar

Joint Managing Director

Prithvi Murugan Krishnakumar - Friends of animals.jpg
Prithvi Murugan Krishnakumar

Joint Managing Director

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