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Life is better with kindness and love – Action against animal cruelty

Animals are the creatures of God. They are like human beings and share natural gifts with us. But it is a pity that some people treat animals cruelly. We have to love animals and protect them from cruelty. We should not be cruel to animals.

We received a complaint with video evidence from one of our social media followers that a cow was abused by someone near Kallangadu. Our team went to investigate, and found that the man who had abused the cow was 70 years old. We went to his home and spoke with the grandpa, who said that he was surviving with this cow only and yesterday it didn't take feed so he beat it. We warned him not to do this again, and also explained about the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and its penalties."


As we considering his age and Ignorance, we didn't file case against him. We just gave him awareness and warning about animal cruelty. Finally, we also got a statement from him saying that it will not happen again. Animal abuse occurs across all races, ages, and economic classes. Cruelty is never justified it's our responsibility to love and respect all of God's creatures. Cruelty to animals is not only morally wrong, but it is also bad for society.

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