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Rescue Chronicles: A Tale of Hope and Healing 🐾❤️

Received a distress call about a baby who faced the harsh aftermath of an accident—eye popped out, leg broken, and left abandoned on the unforgiving streets. En route to rescue, another innocent soul, a small puppy, was discovered, lost and alone on the perilous main road.

Swiftly halting to lend a helping hand, the puppy joined our journey. Upon reaching the accident site, the severity of the baby's injuries demanded urgent medical attention.

Rescued and brought to TMT Tirupur, our dedicated veterinarians assessed the situation. While the eye requires surgery and the leg needs time and care for healing, the baby is currently too weak for immediate surgery. Supportive treatment has commenced, providing a lifeline until the surgery and further care can be undertaken.

As for the puppy, after being cleaned and dewormed, it now resides in the puppies' section, awaiting a clean bill of health for future adoption.

Join us in sending prayers and positive thoughts for the swift recovery and bright future of these resilient souls. 🙏🌈

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