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Rescue on the Highway: A New Lease on Life for an Aged Canine

Updated: May 10

On a distressing day marked by compassion and urgency, our team at TMT Shelter Hospital in Tirupur embarked on a critical rescue mission. The subject was a paralyzed, malnourished, and elderly Spitz found suffering on a highway approximately 150 kilometers from our facility. Reports indicated that the canine had been enduring these harsh conditions without proper food, water, or shelter for nearly seven to eight months.

Upon receiving the call, our rescue team prepared for the journey, ensuring they were equipped to transport the canine back safely and comfortably. When we located the Spitz, the severity of her condition was heart-wrenching. Her age and the visible deformities due to a long-unattended broken spine painted a grim picture of her past months.

The canine was immediately taken to our shelter hospital where a thorough examination by our veterinarian confirmed the extent of her challenges. Her spine had suffered significant trauma and, due to the duration of her injury without medical intervention, had become permanently damaged. This meant that while we could not restore her former physical capabilities, our focus would shift to providing her with a life of comfort and care.

Treatment began without delay, involving necessary medications and injections aimed at managing her pain and stabilizing her condition. Our primary goal was to ensure that the canine experienced as little discomfort as possible during her recovery process.

As she settled into her new environment, her resilience and will to thrive became apparent. Despite the hardships she faced, her spirit remained strong—an inspiring reminder of the tenacity and endurance of animals.

Our team continues to monitor her closely, providing regular updates on her progress and adjusting her treatment plan as needed. The support from the community and animal lovers has been overwhelming, and we are grateful for every prayer and positive thought sent her way. Together, We can make a difference

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